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We believe that makerspaces offer up an alternative learning environment for students to explore making, creating, and collaborating outside of a typical classroom. This gives these spaces the freedom to be a common space for all kinds of learners, no matter their backgrounds or differences. We believe that makerspaces still have a long way to go before they are truly accessible to all. We offer up guidelines, trainings, suggestions, and resources to help make makerspaces universal for all. 



Sienna is 14 years old and is blind

  • Sienna loves listening to audiobooks and podcasts

  • She is an excellent musician

  • Is very focused on tasks she is passionate about

    Potential barriers Sienna faces:

  • She struggles with asking her teacher to describe visual concepts to

    her if the teacher does not take the initiative to do so

  • She feels uncomfortable by STEM subjects

  • She has no sight, even with magnification


Ananya is 43 years old and is a school principal

  • She has over 10 years of experience in her role

  • Previously worked as a special education teacher for 3 years

  • She recently attended an event about Makerspaces and is considering

    incorporating one in her school

  • She loves her students and wants to use different ways to keep them engaged

    Potential barriers Ananya faces:

  • Very limited experience within STEM

  • She works for a public school and is concerned with the budget for the school


  • She spends most of her time with administrators and not with students

  • She is worried about how parents will react to a different form of teaching


Robert is 35 years old and is a makerspace facilitator

  • Comes from an engineering background

  • Has been running a makerspace for four years

  • Wants to learn more about how to include the Arts in his space

  • Is keen on building a more inclusive space

  • Has managed shops for 10 years

    Potential barriers Robert faces:

  • Has no special education experience

  • Has no “classroom teaching” experience and has only served

    roles such as “lab manager” or “shop tech”

  • Feels removed from the rest of the school, and does not have a

    good grasp on what the students learn in their regular classes



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